The Fujifilm x Pro1 system and custom grip review. Bloody Brilliant.

Yep, I did it. After carrying around 600lb of camera gear everywhere, well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, and after reading lots of good things about the Fujifilm x Pro1 I pulled the trigger on the eBay sale of all of my Nikon gear (yes it did hurt) to fund a complete Fujifilm system. x Pro1 body, 18mm, 35mm, 60mm the EF-42 flash a few batteries, a number of high speed Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards and a custom grip (more about this later). After 24 years of Nikon I am now a Fujifilm man.

So now that I have had a chance to use it, here are my first impressions.

This camera produces sharper images than any piece of Nikon equipment I have ever used. The lenses are well made. The high ISO performance is on par and in some cases better than my old Nikon D3s. The colours and dynamic ranges are great. In short, the images are bloody brilliant. It is quite, discrete, compact, lighter than my Nikon gear, well made and great to use. I really love the retro feel and look of this camera.

Now the Fuji is a quirky camera but none of the quirks are that bad. It’s a little like using a film camera in that you have to think a little more, but I like that.

I was going to purchase Fujis grip for the camera however to change the battery or memory card the grip had to be removed which would be a real PITA if on a wedding shoot. After looking on a number of websites I found a guy who produced CNC custom grips for the x Pro1′s smaller cousin, the x100. These x100 grips had a cutout in the base to access the battery and card.  I asked him if he made a grip for the x Pro. He didn’t but was willing to make one. I emailed a scan of the camera base. Firstly he produced a card template which he posted to me to try before going into production. It fitted very well. So after a couple of weeks my new grip arrived. It fits perfectly, improves the handling and allows me to change the battery and SD card without removal of the grip. He has now produced a few grips which can be purchased through eBay

Thanks for reading and keep shooting.

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